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In the north of israel there is a village where people live in harmony with nature

Clil, an ecological village unique in the Israeli landscape, rests in a valley between Western Galilee hills. At the center of the valley, on a round hill, are the ruins of an ancient settlement by the same name. In between the stone walls one can find water holes, tombs and an olive press, evidence of the life that has flourished here in this beautiful valley for thousands of years.

In between the houses in Clil there are many different tents, fruit tree groves and olive orchards. The village was established in 1978 as an agricultural village and if you come here around November you can find all the residents busy harvesting the family plots of olive trees.

A day In Clil

In between the olive trees, along the paths of the Galilean forest overlooking a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea, there is a tranquil location, perfect for a unique experience. Whether you’re an individual, a couple, a family or a group this is an invitation to experience the landscape, people and variety of activities available in Clil.
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