May 2018

Personal Retreat

personal retreat Clil is the perfect place to meet the silence of the open nature, to retreat from routine and the buzz of life. In a perfectly natural atmosphere with no street lights at all, the perfect space for self-observation and personal development is created. Here are a number of activities suitable for creating your

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Clil Guest House

The Guest House in Clil The Clil Guest House is located in the center of Clil. Clil looks like no other village in Israel, a widely dispersed, ecologically attuned community nestled in the foothills of the Western Galilee overlooking the Mediterranean. We’ve built the guest house on the second floor above our house, settled in

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Clil Villa

Clil Villa וילה שמייםוילה שמייםוילה שמייםוילה שמייםוילה שמייםוילה שמייםוילה אדמהוילה אדמהוילה אדמהוילה אדמהוילה אדמהוילה אדמההבית הכתוםהבית הכתוםהבית הכתוםהבית הכתוםהבית הכתוםהבית הכתום Three magical, isolated houses in the natural scenery of Clil village. The guest houses are situated in the midst of fruit orchards, olive trees and blooming gardens. Clil, and our large estate in it,

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