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Ayala Moriel is a world-renown perfumer who grew up in Clil from its earliest days. Ayala creates botanical natural perfumes since 2001 under her synonymous brand. She is considered one of the leading forces and pioneers in the world of artisan natural perfumery.

While roaming the hills of Clil throughout her early childhood, Ayala absorbed the love for the fragrant flower, and inherited a reverence for the wild medicinal herbs from her mother. In 2001 she established her perfume house in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since then, she dedicates her life to perfume. In 2006 she published her first book, “Foundation of Natural Perfumery” and opened Ayala Moriel School of Perfumery and Aromatic Arts, where she teaches professional perfumery courses, incense making workshops and more. She recently returned to Clil after many years abroad, to tend to her perfume garden and focus on reconnecting people with plants and their perfume.

‏Ayala Moriel designs and handcrafts natural perfumes from pure, precious botanical essences that are carefully selected from around the world. She creates Perfume Portraits (bespoke perfumes) for discerning clients the world over, as well as private label fragrances. Ayala Moriel’s line of beautiful and original ready-to-wear perfumes, soaps, incense and tea blends that incorporate local herbs, and other unique products are exclusive to her studio-store and online boutique. Through year-around olfactory events (workshops, classes, interactive presentations, luxurious multi-sensory tea parties and incense ceremonies) at her studio space and adjacent perfume garden, you are invited to re-connect with your senses, live in the moment, and explore the lost art of natural perfumery and discover the ineffable world of scent.

‏Main products & services:

1. Fragrance Consultation
‏An open invitation to perfume lovers the world over to come and sniff the wide array of natural, hand-crafted perfumes Ayala create at her atelier in Clil. Like a magical stroll among the vials of unique scents, with sips of tea in between to refresh your palette.
‏30min, free of charge, by appointment only.

2. Perfume Portraits (Custom Perfume/Signature Scent)
‏Your perfume should be as unique as you! In this fragrant journey, you’ll travel the world of scent at Ayala Moriel’s perfume studio, and discover pure botanical essences from around the world! We’ll pick only the perfumes that are the essence of you. From these, Ayala will create a custom perfume that reflects your taste and personality. The finished perfume will be bottled and packaged after 4-6 weeks.
‏The perfect gift for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones.
‏Magical atmosphere from the amazing view to the hospitality of aromatic teas and fragrant pastries.
‏120min, 1,500 for the perfume, consultation and fragrance design process; refills 540/bottle. by appointment only

Workshops & Courses:

3. Custom Perfume/Signature Scent
‏Learn how to make your own natural perfume! In this workshop, you will design and create your own personal perfume from precious botanical essences in a base of undenatured alcohol. By the end of the workshop, you will have made a perfume to take home with you, beautifully packaged in a spray bottle. We will keep the formulas on file so when you run out we can make it again for you

‏4. The Spice Route – Local yet Exotic
‏What do the rock hyrax and whale have in common? What does the sandal tree share with vampires?
‏Meet the mysterious treasures that passed right here in Israel along the Spice Route, which were used for medicine, religious ceremonies, beauty and of course to spice up a meal. Among these materials the legendary ingredients of the Holy Anointing Oil and Incense used in the Temple – and many other plants used to this day in the modern perfume industry.
‏This workshop includes a botanical stroll in the garden around the perfume studio, tea and fragrant treats, and option to purchase personalized perfumes and other locally made products afterwards.

‏5. Listening to Scent: Modern Incense Ceremony Inspired by Ancient Traditions
‏Inspired by Koh-Doh (Japanese incense ceremony), we’ll burn incense from all over the world and learn how to listen to the scent and the primordial emotions and ancient knowledge it evokes. Experience exotic and rare botanicals used for millennia for their healing and spiritual qualities and fine aroma – from biblical frankincense and myrrh to exotic oud and sandalwood. We’ll also discover unique incense blends such as Egyptian Kyphi and Buddhist Cathusama.

‏6. The Art of Tea/ Tea Blending Workshop
‏Discover the world of tea – red, black, green, white, yellow and… blue! Learn about the difference between perfumed tea and aromatized tea, and how to create your own tea blend. We’ll be using authentic, freshly dried aromatic botanicals to flavour our tea blends, which we’ll enjoy at the end of the class along with some seasonal treats – it’s always a good idea to taste before you serve!

7. Professional Perfumery Course:
Twice a year, students from all over the world over gather at Ayala’s studio to learn perfumery in her hands-on, intensive week-long perfumery course. Between 1-2 courses are offered each Spring and Fall. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic raw materials from natural origin, meet the perfume plants in person, as well as make new friends from all walks of life.

Photo: Sewari Campillo

Photo: Noam Dehan

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