איש קשר: לא רשום

basket Weaving From Natural Sources

Under the Carob tree the hands and the heart meet various local plants and create out of them wonderful baskets.
My name is Gali, I am a mom to three kids, I live in Clil and teach basket weaving over the past five years. I have a regular weaving class which is open to join, even for one time, and I can coordinate a specially tailored workshop for you. I love offering workshops to couples and groups, as a women’s circle of preparation for birth or wedding, or as a family workshop, suitable to kids from 4 y. I teach how to weave baskets and woven straw mats from local materials, and offer a connecting, meditative and creative experience. You can also come to look at the baskets I create, some of them are for sale. Workshops and tours are available in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

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