By Way of the Wadi – Delicious Home-Cooked Food from Inbar’s Rural Kitchen

Inbar offers home-cooked meals for zimmers, events and workshops by order, and hosts meals at her Klil home

Vegetarian, vegan and meat options  

In the kitchen of my home in Wadi Yehiam I cook personalized meals for zimmers, events and workshops, and host guests for meals in my garden and balcony facing the beautiful Galil landscape. My cooking is personal and local: it’s based on my own culinary preferences, on the combination of shapes and colors that bring me joy, and on fresh seasonal ingredients. My basic style of cooking is a rich and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, but I incorporate influences and inspiration from many other culinary traditions.

What’s on the menu?

The menu is varied and can be adapted to suit your personal preferences. It includes vegan, vegetarian and meat options, and can accommodate your particular dietary needs. I prepare each meal especially for your order. Local boutique wine can also be ordered through me.

A typical breakfast includes:

Sourdough bread, savory home-baked pastry, a rich vegetable salad, several special seasonal salads, cheese platter, fruit salad, homemade granola, yogurt, homemade jam, lemonade or herbal tea (straight from the garden).

Some of my favorite dishes:

  • Vegetarian “Tuscany” lasagna with zucchini and pumpkin
  • A savory pastry stuffed with seasonal greens and nuts
  • Oven-cooked Asian-style pumpkin “fillet”
  • Baked beet salad with blue cheese and roquette leaves
  • Spinach, dried apricots and pistachio salad; Turnip, garlic and tomato salad; Artichoke hearts, basil and orange salad
  • A variety of nutritious and delicious lentil and bean salads
  • “Arancini”: Baked cheese-and-rice balls with a crispy coating
  • Sweet potatoes filled with feta cheese, olives and thyme
  • Chicken and mutton casserole with rice, carrots and raisins
  • Meat balls with sweet potato and baharat spice in a special soy red sauce, served with rice (a popular dish for adults and kids alike!)
  • Winter soups (white root vegetable soup; mushroom and barley soup…) and summer soups (tomato and pepper soup, a surprising yogurt and soda soup…)
  • Desserts: Tapioca with homemade strawberry jam and nut crunch; Pomelo, banana and lichi salad; Lemon and mint parfait
  • And more and more….

Ordering and Prices

I take orders two (or more) days in advance. For large groups please order at least one week in advance.

Prices vary according to the menu. The following prices are an estimated average:

Standard breakfast per person 75NIS

Average vegetarian lunch/dinner per person 120NIS

Average meat/fish lunch/dinner per person 180NIS

The exact price will be given upon taking the order

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