Channeled sessions for healing and transformation

My name is Michal and I’m a channeler.
I channel knowledge.
I channel energy.
A frequency of love.

Who am I channeling?
Love itself. The love which is there for every one of us, willing to nurture and raise us on our path in this world.

What is it good for?
A channeling session is a type of spiritual counseling whose purpose is to help and support processes of growth and development:
To answer questions and unsolved dilemmas.
To expand our perspective on life.
To gain a deeper understanding of processes, what causes them and where they lead to.
To improve our self-esteem and know ourselves better.
To be inspired to do the things which are best for you.
Topics which are mostly discussed are: love, destiny, health, finance and children, among others.

How is it done?

A one hour face-to-face or over the phone meeting.

Usually we hold a regular conversation and sometimes it involves energetic work, sometimes dictated knowledge arrives, in the form of a letter addressed to you.

It’s always recommended to record or write. The knowledge which arrives is plentiful and can be used for self-reflection in the months following the meeting.

For couples who are on vacation in Clil:

I recommend a unique couple’s meeting which comes to shed more light on the relationship between you and on the possibilities for growth and overcoming challenges.

A one-and-a-half-hour meeting which includes giving time and attention to each of you and to your togetherness.

For families:

A fascinating meeting which includes working with cards and observing the place and the role held by each member of the family. Which gifts and which challenges each of you brings to the family. A two-hour meeting which can include a short walk in nature, meditation and mindfulness practice.

Suitable for children over 9 years old.

A little bit about myself:

My name is Michal. All through my life I have had mystical and spiritual experiences. It took me some time to accept and to admit that this is what I want and am meant to do in life. Before I accepted this I gave mind-body therapy treatments which exposed me in a direct way to knowledge which was asking to come through me. I channel for private individuals and also channel general knowledge which is asking to reach humanity and expand our minds.

I use the symbol of the lady with the cauldron because for me it means bringing up the things which sink into us but are still there having an effect. To let go of what is unnecessary and mainly to stir a motion in the cauldron which is us.

Additional products:

Group channeling meetings, with the option of accompanying Tibetan bowls and gongs.

Women’s circles for meaningful moments in life.

Baby yoga – dynamic practice for parents as babies. From birth to crawling age.

Every day of the week – advance booking

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