Clil Hateva

A spacious isolated villa between olive orchards and natural forest. This is a house made by a master of craft. Everything in the house was self-made by the owners, the painter Aharon Message and the poet Sabina Messeg: the construction, the furniture, th

Clil in the Nature is suitable for gatherings of families or friends. You can choose to relax on the sofas and carpets in front of the fire place or meet around the giant dining tables on the balcony overlooking the sea, situated just next to the organic vegetable garden.

Clil in the Nature has a TV, but that isn’t the main attraction, since it offers music, nature, poetry and trips guided by Sabina. Sabina also offers a creative writing workshop for adults and children. Children lovingly know her as “Adoula” whose poems are taught in schools.

Clil in the Nature is built for togetherness, but is spacious and isolated enough to allow for privacy, since it sits alone on a hill full of magical places.

The kitchen is very well equipped with everything from beautiful pots and pans to wine glasses. It’s a lot of fun to cook in it or to make a barbeque in the garden, and if you feel like spoiling yourselves you can order meals from the young chef living on the neighboring farm.

The place is also suitable for workshops and fun days out for executives and managers, with Sabina responsible for activities and catering.

Opening Hours:

Every day of the week – advance booking

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