איש קשר: לא רשום


I am Dorit Dora, an authentic ethnic Sufi dancer. I investigate movement and teach Awareness Through Belly Dance – ATBD, a method developed by Orly Portal, herself a dancer and investigator of movement with Feldenkrais methods. Also Miri Alon student of belly dance.

I have been exploring healing through dance for 25 years, am a licensed senior reflexologist and work as a holistic therapist. I have been living in Clil for 20 years, practicing movement, dance and theater as a body and soul healing practice, and I offer dance and movement workshops with world music.

The workshops are for groups and families and are suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers. The price is according to the number of participants. 


Dancing from the Belly is a workshop for individuals or groups of women. It touches the deepest feminine aspects of belly dance and brings awareness to the movement of the body and of the pelvis as the center of the body. 

It combines belly dancing according to Orly Portal’s method. In the workshop we balance the body, relax and strengthen the pelvis muscles, and connect with the whole body for dance that is exhilarating and enjoyable.

The workshop enables each participant to explore her body, while creating interaction and sharing with the whole circle. 


Dervish Dance – The Art of Whirling

“You are not a drop in the ocean,

You are the ocean in a drop.”

Jalal A-Din Rumi

In the Between Heaven and Earth workshop you can discover or rediscover the whirling movement – the dervish dance. 

Circular movement has been part of my life for many years. It cleanses, purifies and heals me. Circular movement is everywhere, from the atoms to the moon and the sun and the stars. When we connect to this movement, we can experience a meditative elevation that is healing.

In these times, when the world around is in turmoil and it seems that the ground beneath our feet is unstable, we experience fear and feel dizzy. The practice of whirling – a dervish dance – helps us to find our inner center and regain balance. It teaches stability and grounding, removes the layers of our daily preoccupations and floods us with inner peace.

We start with awareness of the breath and go on from there to explore Sufi dance. I perform Sufi dance, tell Sufi stories, and talk about the magical triangle of flow, balance and faith, and the principle of love.

I invite you to share with me this love for the intelligence of the body in circular movement.



Movement awareness with improvisation

The Life Dance workshop offers authentic movement to connect through the language of our dancing bodies. We bring awareness to the body language of each participant, and the way it interacts with others.

We release tensions, explore our movement, expand our boundaries and create harmony as a circle in which participants come together in joy and intimacy. 

I also offer free dance parties after the workshop.


In private sessions with individuals or couples I offer movement and dance to release unhealthy habits. Through self-investigation, we can discover patterns that block us, experience and identify them in the body, use the movement to release the tension, and become aware of the ways we think and hold our bodies. 


Rise above the sensation of your body

 without boundaries

Stay grounded 

with your head in the clouds

I invite you to dance with me and discover a wondrous world.

For more details and coordination – Dora 054-5385104

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