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David Schalsinger – Classical Homeopathy practitioner, specializing in individual therapy for adults, children and babies; Guidance and advice regarding vaccines, first aid, medication for travel, pregnancy and birth; Lectures and workshops about homeopathy for any age and in all stages of life; Guidance through long-term illnesses and processes of growth; Homeopathic treatment for animals as well. Telephone: 054-4996931

In classical homeopathy we treat the person and not the symptom. We view the person as a whole. We track down the root of the problem or the illness and find the specific homeopathic remedy which is suitable for it.

For example, three people may come in for treatment because of repeated headaches – with one getting them due to work-related stress, the other due to postpartum hormonal changes and the third one due to panic and exposure to cold wind. Each of them will be provided with a different remedy.

In acute cases homeopathy usually brings about immediate relief, as the following story demonstrates:

A two and half year-old was brought to my clinic with a severe ear infection and high fever, restlessness and constant crying due to immense pain. I gave him a homeopathic remedy that suited his condition, a small sweet ball to suck on (glueball, in homeopathic terms) in a single dosage. Two hours later the fever broke, the child slept all night and got up the next morning to go to kindergarten.

What is health according to Homeopathy?

A person is healthy when he has freedom, when everything in his life is dynamic, when there is nothing stuck, when he achieves the things he wants and doesn’t want that which he cannot achieve. A person who lives in harmony with his surroundings and his family is a healthy person.

How does Homeopathy help a person become healthy?

To do this we need to see the full picture: What’s bothering us? What is the root of the problem? Emotional, physical, hereditary, a harmful habit or pattern? In homeopathy we relate to all the factors which create continuous disturbance in our daily life.

Homeopathic treatment relates to all fields of life and all stages of life.

For women – Fertility problems, support during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, menopause.

For babies and children – Gas, teething, repeated ear and throat infections, emotional problems, difficulties with attention and hyperactivity.

For adults – Anxiety, sleep problems, nervousness, emotional and mental imbalances and general strengthening of the body’s immune system.

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural ingredients and they don’t cause any side effects. Therefore, they can be given to anyone, even in sensitive situations such as pregnancy, to babies and when support for a prolonged illness is required.

Homeopathic treatment provides an answer for a number of phenomenons which conventional medicine can’t solve.

Skin problems – Herpes, warts, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis

Digestive problems – Constipation, gas, diarrhea, ulcers

Asthma, arthritis, migraines and more

The Homeopath David Schalsinger lives in Clil in the Western Galilee and is the father of three children.

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