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Dora – Holistic Reflexology and Massage

For me, every therapy session is a journey through breath, touch and sound.

Holistic reflexology
Treatment through feet
Taking the first step for you

Pure Reflexology
Our feet reflect our whole body and carry it most of the time.
Working on the foot’s nervous system transmits a clear signal for healing and change.
Reflexology balances and heals functions of the hormonal system (thyroid gland, etc.), hemorrhoids, constipation, intestinal problems, depression, back aches, prolapsed disc, posture problems, migraines and more.
Deep massage and treatment of the feet supports, heals and balances the entire body. It’s a very ancient method of therapy and Western medicine recognizes its efficiency.

Dora is a senior reflexologist who has been practicing holistic therapy for 20 years
Duration of session 60/90 minutes

A course of sessions
This is a journey through the body into the mind, whilst going through a process of healing and transformation.
An efficient weekly meeting on a set day to create swift change and for treating medical problems, also recommended for general maintenance of the body’s systems.
The number of meetings changes according to the condition of the patient.
You’re invited for consultation.

Spa treatments

A time to pamper and treat yourself and your loved ones
Integrated massage – for invigoration
Each of us deserve to receive a general deep massage every once in a while. It balances the body, invigorates it, releases pain, blockage and accumulated tension.
An integrated massage involves all the methods I work with – deep tissue, reiki, healing and reflexology.
A holistic treatment, just like its name – complete and whole. I recommend trying it.
It opens our breathing and brings the body to a state of renewal.
Duration of session 60/90 minutes

Hot Stone massage – recommended for winter days
The stones and the heat they generate add healing qualities to the massage.
The interaction with the stones creates a soothing and pleasurable experience. A special and full session.
Duration of session 90 minutes

Massage for pregnant women – recommended from the third month of pregnancy up to birth.
The changing body and the new situation create tension and emotional stress and the body reflects it all. The massage balances, relaxes and heals. Feel light again…
Duration of session 60/90 minutes

Therapy through dance
 “God dances, get up and dance” jalal ad-din rumi

Individual and group meetings
Dance is an organic and natural way for human expression.
Through conscious movement we can raise our awareness, observe and change behavior patterns and habits. The therapy combines guided and free dance with a touch of the Feldenkrais method. We explore, discover, release and bring about change.

“The dance of life” workshops – Awareness through dance
Improvisation, belly dancing and Sufi dancing
Intended for groups of women, team-building and group experiences.
Accompanied by world music. Expands movement and hearts.

Dora teacher of ATBD – Awareness Through Belly Dance (according to the Orly Portal method) and a guide in “Dance of Life” workshops.
Sufi and improvisation dancer, graduate of Shlomi theatre
For me living healthily means aspiring to achieve balance in real life: eating healthily, preferably organic and that which is in season. To be happy and to dance.
To be close to the earth and to myself.
The decision to live in Clil came from a choice to give birth and raise my children in a place where it feels right for me. This is how I got to the magical village of Clil 15 years ago, built up a family, a small ecological farm and love what I do.

Dora Dorit 054-5385104

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