Hagit Lidror – Cooking Workshops

Personalized vegetarian and vegan cooking workshops

Come discover the secrets of preparing nutritious, tasty, easy-to-make food. The kind of food which will be easily integrated into your daily life.

If you want to enrich your cooking skills, or if you are looking for a unique tasty experience or if you simply think that healthy food can’t taste good and you would be happy to be proven wrong – you’re welcome to come meet me in the kitchen.

At my place, in front of the view of the Mediterranean Sea, next to the lovely herb garden and courtyard, or in your own private kitchen, for a personalized cooking workshop full of tasty treats…

A cooking workshop at the end of which you will serve your self-prepared meal

Or a vegan healthy dessert workshop from the Raw Food category

Here are some of the workshops’ menus:

  •  Chocolate is healthy!

A dessert and chocolate workshop from the Raw Food world. Cacao as a superfood.

  • The Galilean kitchen – with Hagit and Einsaf in the kitchen – duet between old and new
  • The Wonders of Indian cuisine
  • Thai-inspired health
  • Vegan cooking that children love
  • Foraging and cooking – a seasonal workshop
  • Healthy snacks workshops
  • Shake break– A whole world of delicious shakes
  • One of my most popular workshops is The taste of two workshop – suited for a romantic couple, two friends or any other intimate combination that’s comfortable for you

And more…

The workshops are suitable for individuals, couples, families and groups.

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