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Mali Zohar -holistic Massage Therapy for the soul and the body

Massage Therapy / Healing / Mental Cauching

Mali Zohar

Massage Therapy and councelling –

A multidisciplinary therapist using various methods of massages therapy, healing methods and counselling sessions.

Experience the touch that will calm your spirit and restore your body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself.

For most of us, daily life is very demanding. Tension builds up and accumulates in our muscles and bones and over time sinks down into our internal organs. Some of us view massage therapy as a way to pamper yourself, many medical researches have shown that therapy through touch has a wonderful ability to prevent disease and allow each and every cell to receive positive signals of health and nutrition.

You can book therapy sessions in my private clinic in Clil or invite me with the massage table to your home or Zimmer. Music and sounds have their own healing qualities and I see them as a significant part of therapy. A short diagnosis allows me to pinpoint the type of therapy and the level of pressure which should be applied and if necessary, to relate to severe problems, such as pain in the back, neck, muscles, joints, internal organs and mostly to renew vitality of body and soul.

The atmosphere which is created in the therapeutic space is very important. As a patient is more accepting of the treatment he/she receives, the alchemy which combines the conscious and the subconscious. The mind can then create new links and bring to the surface solutions to problems which we sometimes never even knew existed.
Such accepting of a treatment allows each organ in our body to receive attention and care and therefore release unwanted stress.

A little bit about myself –
Graduate of O.S.D.H (Osho School of Divine Healing) and of “The Butterfly Effect” coaching school. Reiki master, yoga teacher, psychotherapy coach, group and workshop guide. I have rich and diverse experience with massage and bodywork therapy and in finding holistic solutions for medical problems using herbs, essential oils and movement.

Types of therapy

Swedish massage – On the massage table, using oils and essential oils, muscle oriented massage along the body’s outer muscular layer. Soothing and relaxing. 60/75/90 minutes.

Deep tissue massage – Incorporates pressure into the deeper muscular layer. Can reach deeper painful points hiding in the most inner muscles. 60/75/90 minutes.

Integrative holistic massage – Based on oils and essential oils. This is the most highly recommended massage since it incorporates all the techniques according to what is required at any given moment: Swedish massage, meridian pressure and deep tissue techniques are directed to the corresponding parts of your body accordingly.
60/90 minutes.

Shiatsu reset– On a mattress, without oils and with light clothing. Pressure along the body’s energy lines. Balances all of the body’s systems, internal and external, releases energetic blockages and allows Chi, life force, to flow freely. 60/90 minutes.

Hot Stone massage – The stones, Volcanic Basalt stones, can accumulate heat and preserve it for a long time. Therefore, they can serve as heat releasing stations all along the body. The heat they release into the body sinks deep into the internal organs and muscles, relaxes and heals. Takes place on the massage table with oils. 90 minutes.

Reiki/healing – Energy therapy through placing hands on patient’s body. Can be combined with holistic massage. 60/90 minutes.

 conscious coaching sessions – 

Life is full of challenges. In times when you feel troubled and stressed, sorting out your issues and helping you find simple and creative solutions with a new approach and a fresh point of view is where this session leads to.  New tools are being suggested so that you may move on with more clarity, self-confidence and in a relaxed manner. Putting aside what isn’t necessary and strengthening that which is, gives you a new lead inside of the processes and the storms that you are going through, even in a single session. (But if it’s needed, a process can be followed up by skype or phone calls later on). 60-120 minutes, each session has its own time period needed to lead to a breakthrough. Consultation is for individuals as well as couples or for a dynamic group meeting.


Four hands massage – One partner in the couple massages the other together with me, following my instructions and hands movements.

The art of touch – Massage workshops for couples and groups – come learn simple techniques for massage using essential oils while spending quality time together, acquiring very(!) practical skills and taking them home with you.

Meditation and Breathing exercises
Yoga therapy and nutritional advice – finding the right yoga exercises and nutritional guidelines for you in order to continue therapy at home.

Massage at your zimmer/at your home – ‘The Migrating Spa’ comes all the way to your place with the massage table, the oils, the music and everything else.

All massage therapies also include sound therapy. During the session, unique and diverse music is played, which deepens the process of sinking into ourselves. It’s also possible to receive therapy to the sound of silence, without music.

Clil the Tipi

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