Mashiv Nefesh – A Space for Mindfulness and Inspiration

We invite you to find peace and quiet in a space completely dedicated to practice and awareness.

Mashiv Nefesh Center is the heart of a spiritual community with a Buddhist orientation, which allows retreats and workshops to happen alongside practice of meditation and conscious living. In Mashiv Nefesh you can practice meditation, yoga and mindfulness, experience ecological living and a life of harmony with your surroundings, which also includes Karma Yoga (volunteering) for maintaining and developing the shared space.

This is a place for teaching and practicing dharma in everyday life through short and long courses, practice and exploration groups, movement work and group retreats led by experienced and professional guides. The center is also open year round for short or long personal retreats during which one can be inspired by and learn from the center’s guides and community through participating in the different activities (for further information regarding the option of a personal retreat visit our website).

The community (Sangha) living in the center supports spiritual growth and development through soft investigation of an honest, fair lifestyle of respecting others. Spiritual practice and the daily tasks in the center nurture qualities such as generosity, caring and friendship and encourage social activities in the wider community.

Mashiv Nefesh is a simple honest home, set in the Galilean nature. It is run with an ecological approach and supplies basic conditions. Staying here allows direct contact with the surrounding nature.

Mashiv Nefesh is a non-profit organization and most of the activities in the center are based on donations from the participants. The support of participants in the daily activity allows the place to exist as an open house for practice, learning and inspiration.

We invite you to come here, to be inspired and to refresh yourself from daily life.

If you are visiting Clil on a professional visit or just visiting friends, we can plan together a visit to the center.

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