Massage and Treatments

Whether as part of your vacation or as a quick break from your routine schedule, if you wish to shake off day to day stress, slow down your busy lifestyle and improve your health and quality of life, then you’ve come to the right place.

We invite visitors to our Zimmers, and residents of the north to experience the variety or treatments for body and soul that we offer here.

We also offer treatment days suitable for team-building trips as well as employee fun days out for organizations and companies.

Here in Clil you can find a variety of treatments and massage therapy methods such as hot stone therapy, shiatsu, Swedish massage, treatments for women relating to circle of life issues, Ayurvedic treatment, classical homeopathy, guided imagination sessions and more. You’ll be able to feel the tranquility and calm which flows naturally from the local setting and supports an atmosphere of healing. This will allow you to sink into the healing touch of therapy and the deep aroma of essential oils and herbal remedy essences.