the rock house

Once you go through the stone gate, which looks like a dolmen on the Golan Heights, there is a feeling of passing into another world.
The gate and the house were built by the wonderful painter Aharon Messeg, as a studio. It still has an exciting air of
inspiration to it. It is built of primordial rocks and is embraced by a garden sliding into the natural forest. The house comprises a huge central space lined with mats and rugs, surrounded by colorful mattresses and pillows. In winter, it is a pleasure to light up the fireplace and feel like the ancients. Ancients aside, a modern kitchen equipped with a fridge, an oven and all the utensils up to wine glasses await the guests as well. There is a small cave-shaped shower room and a large cave-shaped bedroom. More beds are available in the gallery, at the end ofrustic, wooden stairs. In the yard there is a dinning area, a cute pavilion with extra toilets, and two outdoor showers: one between thebushes and one between the rocks. After taking a shower, you can rest in the hammock overlooking the mountain view, or warm up around the camp fire.

The place is suitable for workshops, and can host up to two families. The owner is the poet  and translator Sabina Messeg. You can ask her for a literary session along with piano playing.  As she writes for children as well, under the pen name Adula, It is also possible to hold a meeting for children with an award-winning quiz.


Sabina Messeg

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