Shakti in clil

Welcome back

Home … to Mother Nature, to tribal hospitality.
Bet Shakti in Klil.

You are welcome to stay in our home for several fulfilling, enriching, connecting, reflective and invigorating days and nights: inspired by nature, with yoga classes, walks through the surrounding Galilean countryside, healthy conversations, a creativity workshop or treatment – to help you recharge your batteries, reconnect with yourselves and find your natural rhythm.

“Bet Shakti in Klil” expresses the prayer of praise that we feel towards Mother Earth and her creatures … Creators of the world: here the presence of nature and children of the earth form the center. 

We encourage nourishment, inspiration, respect and mutual support, simplicity, honesty and the sanctity of life itself on earth. 

You will receive a comfortable, beautiful, spacious, sweet and basic private room with two entrances: one into the house and one to wild open nature. The bathroom and shower are shared by the three guest.


In your room, of course you are welcome to do as you please, but in the abundant common spaces (living room, kitchen, practice space, western fire circle and eastern courtyard) we seek to avoid dealing with screens (telephones, tablets, computers, etc.).

It is important for us that the shared spaces be full of life, creation, music sessions, conversations, cooking and everything that encourages natural life energy.

Another internal rule that anchors our guests here is the deep respect we have for Mother Earth, which allows us all the abundance in the world. Please ensure that you refrain from

What is “tribal hospitality”?

Out of the full belief that each individual has something to contribute to the common space, and since there are plenty of shared spaces here (a kitchen to spoil yourselves in, comfortable living room, wooden balcony with practice deck, dancing and creation, two spacious fire circles, tree-lined courtyard with hammocks) – except for the private rooms, we maintain here, together with the guests, a common frequency: a frequency of meeting at heart level, a space that encourages creation, playing and inspiration. 

Unlike the social norms of “paying” and “receiving,” we enjoy enriching the space with gifts/beauty/responsibility – to the common space, with everyone present with us here. Freedom is a wonderful opportunity to open your consciousness and heart to an experience of expansion, healing and fertilization. 

You are invited to bring yourself in all your beauty to the common space: share knowledge, cook, take part in organizing the space, receive and give in a way that contributes and enriches the space.

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