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The Kitchen Fairy – Made in Clil with Love

Breakfast (delivery to your B&B) Homemade meals (delivery to your B&B) Healthy cooking workshops at your kitchen

I am Tirtsa Shoham,
I love to cook, I love to eat and I love people. In my cooking and workshops I combine these 3 loves into one whole experience.

My food is seasonal, fresh, varied and colorful. I like to plan a balanced meal, pleasant not only to your mouth, but to your eyes and your heart as well ❤.

* If you have any special nutritional needs, such as gluten-free, sugar-free or other specifications – let me know. Everything possible ;)

My menu varies a lot in correspondence to the weather, the season and my desires, here are some suggestions for meals:

  • Breakfast: homemade focaccias, big colorful salad and a variety of seasonal tapas and pastries.
  • Stuffed peppers – deliciously filled with rice and lentils, walnuts and cranberries, in rich tomato sauce, happy soup, big salad and homemade focaccias.
  • Indian Masala Dosa – rice & lentils tortillas, potato stew, palak tofu (spinach-tofu dish) and salad.
  • Vegetable curry with tofu, basmati rice and salads.

My food is mainly vegan, this is where my creativity flourishes, but if you insist I can cook vegetarian, fish or meat.

Try to place your order at least one day ahead, but if you are hungry give me a call, I’m the improvisation master :)

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