איש קשר: לא רשום

The Tipi in Clil

The Tipi in Clil hosts groups for awareness, personal development, shamanic workshops – women’s circles and men’s circles. It’s intended for groups, for adding a unique flavor to an event, for bachelor/bachelorette gatherings or for team-building and in-d

Awareness workshops

Interactive conscious coaching workshop – “Tidying the mess”

Length – 1.5 – 3 hours.

Intended for groups. Workers committees, managers workshop.

The session includes a fascinating and amusing lecture about rearranging life in a manner that creates happiness and a sense of fulfillment, about human consciousness as well as a practical part of personal interactions within the group.

Most of our reactions and manners of behavior are automatic and the recurring results are also automatic.
It doesn’t matter what topic we choose, whether it’s our financial state, health or any other aspect of life. Anything that isn’t working out. Any aspect we focus on will immediately affect all other aspects and will allow us to improve our life.

The duration of the workshop is between 1.5 to 2 hours or a full day workshop.
Longer workshops can integrate more in-depth experiences.

Yoga and movement workshops

Shadow Yoga Teacher – guided by Mali Zohar

The Native American Red Path

Intended for groups, high schools, workers committees, managers’ workshops, team-building, families, O.D.T and more.

Duration – 1.5-3 hours.

Through a new understanding of the rich knowledge of the tribal world, we shine new light on the people we are now. We return to our personal power which is connected to our foundation and to the earth. An engaging lecture about the tribal essence. Building a stone totem/making a maze on the ground/creating dream catchers/creating a personal healing wheel.

The blessing way- healing session in the way of the medicine man

Intended for individuals and couples as a meeting of shamanic medicine.

Engaging meetings which integrate song, ceremony, guided journeys into the subconscious through fire ceremonies and Tobacco prayer circles according to the ancient way.

The blessing way – portals in our life

A festive, guided and open meeting for family events, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette gathering, bar mitzvahs or wedding anniversaries.

The tipi can also be rented out for a non-guided evening event.

Inipi – Sweatlodge – Tamascal

Every once in a while we hold a spontaneous Inipi unrelated to organized visits. You can send us your contact details if you wish to be informed of this event.

You can also read more about it by visiting the following link – (the Hebrew is followed by the English)

Opening hours:
Every day of the week – with advance booking


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