Yael Shemer – Ceramic Studio

Yael Shemer leads ceramics workshops in her gallery in Clil, a gallery for ceramic and pottery art and products. In the gallery you can purchase cooking and serving appliances, statues and tiles. All artifacts are hand-made or crafted on the potter’s wheel, painted with self-made unique colors. They have been fired at 1250 degrees using reduction firing in a gas kiln.

The workshops are for individuals, couples, families or groups and must be booked in advance. It’s an experience involving work with materials and a personal journey into the spirit, at the end of which you receive the work fired or wet, as you prefer. 

The workshops are suitable for individuals, couples and small intimate groups.

Additional products:

Studio for sale ceramic products

Ceramic products for everyday use made by the artist Yael Shemer

Private workshops in the ceramic studio

Yael leads private workshops in her studio for individuals, couples and small groups

Opening hours:

Advance bookin

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