איש קשר: לא רשום

Yotan Dahan, tour guide

Yotam, a native resident of the ecological village Clil, specializes in unique tours of the village which include meeting the village residents, local artists and creators, foraging wild plants and herbs in season, nature, ecology, alternative building, poetry and local art. Yotam also guides tours in the Galilee to the valleys, mountains and local villages where different religious communities reside, tours to the colorful markets, culinary tours, meetings with artists and creators and experiential workshops. Tours in Clil Clil is a unique ecological village in the Israeli landscape and a visit here offers the opportunity to get to know the story of those who tried and are still trying to live their lives a little bit differently. The isolated village houses are built in the forest, integrate into it and adapt to it. Surrounding them are olive orchards and fruit gardens. The village is not connected to the national electric network and residents produce their own electricity in alternative ways. The first Clil houses were hand built by the founders of the village and each house is a unique art piece. Today many residents of Clil live in different types of tents, Mongolian and North-American. The village roads are still mostly dirt roads. Clil tour for adults We can begin the trip in “Cafe Clil” which is a spacious tent with a comfortable sitting area, where we can order some hot drinks and taste some of the wonderful cakes baked by Tammi, the cafe owner. From there we’ll continue on an easy walk, enter some tents and and visit “Jara” gallery, a ceramic and glass workshop. We’ll get to know the beating heart of the village where the “mother plantation” project is taking place – a botanical garden of Galilean vegetation. Then we’ll move on to a short walk in “the dwarf’s path”, a short path with a beautiful view of the Yehiam valley. During the walk, I’ll tell you my story as a native of the village and we’ll discuss life in nature, ecology, permaculture and education and get to know the wildlife and the plants we see along the way. Clil is home to artists from many different artistic fields and if we coordinate in advance we can integrate a visit to meet some of them or to local manufacturers. It’s recommended to end the trip in one of Clil’s restaurants. Clil tour for families In winter and spring time we’ll gather edible plants, get to know the local wildlife, listen to stories about nature, ecology and alternative building. We’ll meet Yuval, listen to didgeridoo playing and hear about the aboriginal culture of Australia. We’ll make a fire and prepare pastries filled with the plants we gathered alongside some tea and coffee. For a video about Yotam and his tours of Clil: Market hopping in Galilean villages From the market in Kfar Yassif to the market in the ecological village Clil. Merchants from all over the country bring their goods to the Thursday market in Kfar Yassif. We’ll walk around the market’s main square and enjoy the sounds, smells and colors. Then we’ll continue to get acquainted with the local cuisine – the veteran mythological “Falafel Awad”, “Alwalid sweets” – the sweet shop from Nazareth. We’ll see the Jewish cemetery and visit a beautiful church. From there we’ll continue to the ecological village of Clil where a different market is taking place. Straw mats are laid under the trees, a fire with a pot of Indian chai on top and a Tabun oven making wonderful pizzas. We’ll enjoy the atmosphere and hear about the special village and its residents. Video clips: Spring weekend – family tour of Clil Facebook page: Opening hours: Every day of the week – advance booking

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